The WHO and WHY Modeling

The WHO and WHY Modeling

The WHO and WHY Modeling Good morning! Hope you thought a little bit about where you can stop saying “NEVER”. Remember, believing in you is basically free. Today is “Modeling” day 3. Remember, Modeling, very simply, is the process of PRECISELY following what other people have done to produce the type of results that you want. We previously discussed the power of my experience in sports, school and business. Modeling, as I shared with you, can save hours, days, weeks or even years off the process of obtaining your results. Now, let’s discuss “who” and “how to” model. First, “who” do you model? Well, the most basic and consistent mistake people make in modeling, is asking advice from the wrong people. Who do people most often seek advice from? They ask their friends, siblings, parents and their significant others. This is the absolute wrong strategy! Why? Because even if we love those people and they love us, how can they possibly help us with things they have not done?!?! AND, people who are asked questions that seem to involve opinions, almost always give us an answer. If I ask my buddy what he thinks I should do in a business development situation, he will give me an answer. It’s human nature. BUT, why should I listen to the answer?!?! UNLESS, he has already produced those type of results that I desire in his life or business. Why even waste the time and energy discussing it? Talk to your friends and loved ones about other things. Don’t ask for their opinions about areas that relate to you producing the results you want UNLESS they are people you should be modeling in that area! Okay, so then who do you model? Simple! Model people who’ve done what you want to do, or people who’ve been successful helping people achieve what you want to achieve. Want to be a successful public speaker? Then read the book or program from a man or woman that you know is a successful public speaker. Then, after you’ve read the book, e-mail or call them with questions. Would you love to build a successful law firm? Well, don’t ask your brother who is unemployed, or who sells insurance and makes a good living, ask someone who has done it! Want a great marriage that is happy? Find people that are 80 years old and celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, the ones that are still holding hands and speaking lovingly and respectfully to one another. It is so simple, and, yet, so powerful. So that is “who to model”. Now, let’s discuss “how to model”. The world is full of insanity. It is the simple insanity that intrigues me most. People are driven by emotion. People like to feel safe, secure, certain, reassured and confident, among other emotions. SO, people to feel those feelings, take actions that are completely inconsistent with what they say they want. A perfect example: a woman wants to make $500,000.00 per year selling security systems to large companies. She meets the leading sales person from the company. This woman tells her a three step formula with step 1 being make 100 cold calls per day for two months to begin to gain rapid meetings and traction. Step 2 is having a certain number of meetings per week gained through strategic relationships. Well, the woman with the big goal doesn’t really want to feel what she perceives as rejection or even failure through the waste of time, so she decides to jump to step 2, and start going to lots of networking meetings. As my dear friend Willy Wonka liked to say, “WRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG sir wrong!! “You stole fizzy lifting drinks!” That’s not Modeling! That’s not the formula or recipe! That cake will be disgusting and you will never bake again! To model: 1. Find the person who has produced the results you want or helped others achieve the same; 2. Read whatever they’ve written and talk to them if possible: 3. Do not ask them what you should do, rather, go through their story, historically, and ask them precisely what they did: 4. Follow those steps precisely: 5. IF you find some way to optimize a step in the process, then do so. BUT, not if you’re changing it or skipping it because you’re protecting yourself emotionally. I believe in the concept that people grossly over estimate what they can do in a day, a week, a month and even a year. I also believe that people grossly underestimate what they can achieve in two, five and ten years. The process of succeeding can be boring, at times. A lot of times people change the modeling formula in order to make it more of what they want or need emotionally now. Do NOT do this! You can make yourself enjoy the process more, BUT don’t change the process. So, there you have it. This process has helped millions of people produce amazing results. It has helped me make powerful life long memories of high school and college sports success moments, get job offers from the top law firms in New Jersey, build three successful businesses, and help many others in their lives and businesses. There is NO debate. Modeling is the key secret to success! So, for today, spend five minutes. Yes, 5 minutes, think about what you want and who you can model to get it. Tomorrow, we will discuss how to model a precise formula of success that will allow you to understand why you are or are not achieving every result you want in your life. This blog is giving you, for free, the most powerful information and technology available to help you in your life!! Use it, and please spread the word so other people like this page and benefit as well!! Have an awesome day! In your service, Sean Callagy

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