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The Importance of Emotional Rapport: Part I | Callagy Law

As a senior liaison for Callagy Law, I am responsible for interfacing with medical providers to assist them with identifying and pursuing claims against insurance carriers in the areas of PIP (personal Injury protection / No Fault), Workers Compensation (WC) and Commercial Insurance (CI).  In this capacity, I was first introduced to the concept of […]Read More

Posted on 11-19-2015

Rapport: The Key to Bartending and Callagy Law Client Relations

As part of our training as Callagy Law client liaisons, we learned about developing emotional rapport with our clients.  When I heard this, I could not help but recognize how similar this was to bartending.  I did not think any of the skills I learned as a bartender would transfer to my new job as […]Read More

Posted on 04-29-2015