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Codes Not On ASC Fee Schedule Possibly Reimbursable| Callagy Law

Are CPT Codes not listed on the ASC Fee Schedule compensable in New Jersey PIP arbitration matters? The purpose of this post is to help assist those with questions they have concerning their business or medical practice. The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will frequently post topics ranging from […]Read More

Posted on 01-26-2016

Personal Injury


In order for hospital Emergency Room (ER) services to be reimbursed by No Fault (Personal Injury Protection or PIP) insurance carriers at the hospital’s usual and customary rates (UCR), the services must fall within the exemption, carved out by the Department of Banking & Insurance (DOBI) in its PIP regulations.  That exemption states: The non-physician […]Read More

Posted on 06-12-2015