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Uber-Important: Employee Contracts! | Callagy Law

The Difference between an Employee and an Independent Contractor and its Legal Ramifications   The following article was written by Samuel S. Saltman from Callagy Law’s Legal Team, and will focus on many common questions and concerns surrounding new developments, legal matters, and other procedures within the business and commercial litigation. Our mission is to answer […]Read More

Posted on 12-17-2015

Drafting Contracts To Avoid Litigation Later

Businesses need to be proactive in choosing vendors and drafting and finalizing contracts to protect themselves from expected and even far-fetched litigation risks.  The risk of contracts leading to litigation may be the last thing on the minds of busy employees who are on deadline to get projects moving.  However, businesses need to be mindful […]Read More

Posted on 10-19-2015

Read Contracts Before There is a Problem | Callagy Law

Busy business owners and procurement officials frequently enter into many contracts with suppliers, customers, landlords, and many other individuals as well.  Most of these contracts will likely go off without a hitch.  But, some of the contracts may not work out and lead to disputes over payments, production, or services, that may even lead to […]Read More

Posted on 09-09-2015

Business Law

Starting a Business

So you want to build a business but are unsure how to begin. The first step in creating a business is developing a business plan. The plan is your road map. It will describe your business’s purpose, analyze the market you’re entering and identify the resources you will need. Step two is two determine where […]Read More

Posted on 01-15-2015

Business Law