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Callagy Law Law Library TV – Episode 1.5, ‪#‎AskSeanCallagy‬ October 30, 2015

 I Understand Why People Hate Our Legal System and Attorneys Law Library – TV is an original series from Sean Callagy, President and Founder of Callagy Law; to help the general public with every day legal questions and information. For more information about Sean Callagy, Callagy Law, or any questions you have, please email […]Read More

Posted on 10-30-2015

Why Not #6 – Why Not Say Goodbye to Motivation? October 29, 2015

Why Not Say Goodbye To Motivation? And Hello To Something Infinitely More Powerful? I had a game changing meeting with a friend of mine, Rey Rostami, the New Jersey Training Coordinator for AFLAC, yesterday. Rey has a tremendous life story, rising above some very challenging childhood years on the inner city streets of Los Angeles, […]Read More

Posted on 10-29-2015

The Short-Term Impact of the Transition to ICD-10

On October 1, 2015, ICD-10 will go into effect, displacing ICD-9, which has been in place for 30 years.  ICD-10 will introduce greater detail and therefore greater complexity to medical billing and coding practices.  Indeed, In excess of 150,000 new procedure and diagnosis codes will be introduced.  As a result, it is safe to say […]Read More

Posted on 09-25-2015

How Do Businesses Ensure Compliance When Picking Healthcare Plans?

New and existing small businesses have to consider if they will offer health insurance and if so the owner must pick the specific benefits for the company.  Under the Affordable Care Act individuals and businesses have new rights and responsibilities regarding health care insurance.   The ACA has instituted new requirements involving various parts of […]Read More

Posted on 09-25-2015

Business Law

Read Contracts Before There is a Problem | Callagy Law

Busy business owners and procurement officials frequently enter into many contracts with suppliers, customers, landlords, and many other individuals as well.  Most of these contracts will likely go off without a hitch.  But, some of the contracts may not work out and lead to disputes over payments, production, or services, that may even lead to […]Read More

Posted on 09-09-2015

Business Law

Google launches free streaming service ahead of Apple Music debut

By Yasmeen Abutaleb SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google Inc launched a free version of its music streaming service on Tuesday, as it sought to upstage the debut of Apple Inc’s rival service next week. Google Play Music has offered a $9.99 per month subscription service for two years but Tuesday’s launch is the first free […]Read More

Posted on 06-25-2015