What is the coolest restaurant on Earth that is waiting for you to explore? Well, for starters, welcome to our first Fun and Adventure Friday! Our world is full of magical and amazing places waiting for us to discover, explore and enjoy! Want to lay on a beach or dine at a top rated restaurant? Fantastic! BUT, what if you’re looking for something a little more interactive, experiential, and well, more active, exciting and adrenaline pumping? On Fun and Adventure Friday, that’s what we are going to talk about. I also would love to hear any thoughts about places or experiences that you would like to share. When people come on vacation with me, they usually need a vacation from their vacation. It’s kind of like Bear Grill meets Clark W. Griswald meets Indiana Jones. My mom and dad have both traveled with my family and I. While they love the quality time, the pace and natural adventures can become a bit much. Sorry Mom that you left your minuscus on the top of Mount Vesuvius, but wasn’t seeing the smoke coming out of the volcano, looking down at Pompeii amazing? Dad, I’m glad we survived the current ripping the wrong way through Spooky Channel 90 feet below the surface on our relaxing trip to Roatan. Whether it’s 80 shards in the water, a lost ski in a blizzards on a mountain tops, sea plane landings, drifting in the ocean with a panicked diver while the dive master tried to make it a half mile underwater back to the boat against a powerful current in rough seas, battening down the hatches on a remote island with a hurricane coming in, a Callagy family vacation is always relaxing. So what to talk about on our firs Fun and Adventure Friday? Well, let’s start with something a bit more tame than hitting the ocean with the hosts of Shark Week. And the winner is……………………. RACKAM’s on Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands. RACKAM’S is my favorite place to eat anywhere in the world. Picture this: You’ve spent an amazing day on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. You’ve hung out relaxing on Seven Mile Beach in awe of the countless shades of intoxicating blue of the Caribbean Sea. You decide that you’re ready to enjoy some local island cuisine or feel at home and have a burger and wings. You’re looking for something with a bit of life and that you would NEVER find at home. RACKAM’S IS YOUR ANSWER! Just as you leave Seven Mile Beach and pull into Grand Cayman’s quiet capitol of Georgetown, you turn into RACKAM’S small parking lot. Rackham’s was named after the famous Caribbean Pirate, Calico Jack Rackham. Just walking from the parking lot onto the wooden platform on which Rackham’s sits, conjures up images of the days pirates roamed the island and its local waters. The restaurant is completely out doors, with a canopy over head. You see tables, tiki torches, couches and a bar with a breath taking view of the sea with boats in the Georgetown harbor. You stroll over to a couch to relax and take it all in. The crystal clear electric blue waters are just beneath your feet as the server takes your order for drinks and appetizers. Great Caribbean and 80′s rock music is playing in the background as you see ships passing on the horizon. You notice the sun lowering on the horizon realizing this will be as amazing as sun sets get.. When you’ve settled in and taken in the scenery for long enough, you mosey on over, from your couchi to the edge of the platform. From the ouch to the edge is all of five feet. Then, you can either take a 10 foot jumping plunge into the Caribbean or head down the ladder and let yourself sink into the blue. Once inside the water, you can just relax and swim. If you’re prepared, you will slip on your mask and fins to enjoy the beautiful, underwater sights of Grand Cayman. All the while peaking up to see if your pina colada, conch fritters, wings and mozzarella sticks are ready. Feeling a bit ambitious (as if snorkeling while waiting for dinner is not ambitious enough)? Then take a three minute snorkel over to a ship wreck! The Wreck of the Cali is only a three minute swim from your table at Rackham’s. There you can see yellow tail snapper, chub, sergeant majors, a number of species of parrot fish, angel fish, needle fish, sting rays and a beautiful coral reef with an amazing rainbow of colors and most of Grand Cayman’s diverse fish life. AND, the couch, view, shipwreck, coral reef, food and amazing sunsets are not Rackham’s biggest draw! So, after you take a break from exploring the underwater worlds and start munching on some appetizers, you begin to enjoy the amazing sunset. Then, as the sun sets, Rackam’s main event begins. What Rackham’s is best known for is its friendly resident four to six foot long predatory fish: the Tarpon. Now, people pay money all over the world to go on snorkeling excursions to see neat stuff. 99 percent of all snorkeling trips you would ever pay for would not have you hanging around with a bunch of really big fish in the wild. AND, this is all free right in front of your table at the restaurant. Oh, and relax, most predatory fish don’t eat people. I’ve seen as many as 40 Tarpon at one time at Rackham’s. The coolest, and spookier part, is that they typically start gathering in their largest numbers as the sun sets. Why? Because every night at 7:30 they ring the Rackam’s bell and the crowd chants in unison: “IT’5 TIME TO FEED THE TARPON!” And, at 7:30 the spot light goes into the water, and the tarpon start flying through the water. It looks a lot like a shark feeding frenzy as the Tarpon race each other to snap up the fish being thrown into the water from the kids at the restaurant. Picture 40 four to six foot long fish battling each other as their meal hits the water in the dark of night. Now, you really want to take it up a notch? Then jump back into the water, now black with the night, and hang with the tarpon as the feeding starts. Out of all the times I’ve been to Rackham’s, and I’ve probably been to there 20 times, I’ve never seen any other people in the water at night with the Tarpon other than our family. With your mask and flashlight, you can see the tarpons’ glowing eyes as they come in and out of view. They seem to be everywhere as they come out of nowhere. As the tarpon look a bit like sharks, it definitely gets your blood pumping. As the feeding comes to an end, you head back up the ladder to enjoy your dessert and buzz about the amazing adventure you just had over dinner. You ain’t doin’ that at home! I hope you enjoyed taking a little trip to Rackam’s. If you’ve ever been there, or get there, please let us know. Here’s a link of some pictures from Rackam’s: http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g147366-d1046122-i53500003-Rackam_s_Waterfront_Bar_and_Restaurant-George_Town_Grand_Cayman_Cayman_Is.html#53499999 Here’s a picture of a tarpon: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarpon Visit Rackam’s here. Have an amazing weekend!! In your service, Sean Callagy

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