New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #22

New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #22

Why Not See If You’re Missing The Two Keys to Meeting Your Goals 10 Times Faster?

#MOMENTUMMONDAYS Dear Kindred Spirits:   Good morning and welcome to Thanksgiving week!   We are following our new format, which makes this #MomentumMonday.   Whether you are looking to make another hundred million, save your first five thousand, or get in better shape, this is the place for you.   We all enter habitual patterns in life. These habitual patterns of action give us our results. Two of the key steps to achieving our goals are:  
  1. Having our goals clearly defined: and
  2. Building massive momentum towards our goals through a massive shift to zone action.
  So, how are you doing in these two areas?   There are a tiny select percentage of people who consistently achieve their goals at a much more accelerated rate than other people. Warren Buffett, Thomas Edison, a friend you know who always seems to make things happen or maybe you too, have produced rates at a different speed than other people.   Here is the key with Zone Action and exponential growth: are you consistently realigning your next action steps with what is most likely to bring about your most massive gain towards your goals?   In that single question lies the difference between exponential growth and stagnation.   For example, if a person wants to build business now, and they have a bunch of enormously valuable potential follow-up calls, and they are making lists of new people to call for potential sales, this is not Zone Action. When you stack the differences in Zone and Non-Zone Action on top of each other, it works like compound interest over time.   So, on this Monday, let’s break through your patterns and write down what your zone action steps are for today, this week and this month.   Use this letter, the Why Not Huddle and Law Library TV as your accountability check.   Do you need to make your sales calls, buy weights for your home, do crunches, call and apologize! Stop watching TV, or whatever?   The key to also understand is that these concepts apply to the President of the United States or a fifteen year old hoping to make the freshman baseball team. I have friends worth over thirty million dollars who are making less momentum on their fulfillment goals than people who are struggling to make their bills. These concepts apply to everyone in every area of life.   It’s your life. Attack your goals. Seize your momentum and move towards the life you truly want and settle for nothing less!   Have a Momentum filled Monday!   Please contact me if you have any questions whether they are about accelerating towards your goals or legal of any kind at or 201-261-1700.   In Your Service, Sean Callagy

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