New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #18

New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #18

Why Not Follow THIS ONE Success System #18

Dear Kindred Spirits,   We all have dreams, wants, and needs. In our Why Not world, we put these into three categories: money, time and fulfillment.   When I first began my journey of learning about how to produce results, I remember feeling two things, and neither worked for me.   First, I felt completely overwhelmed. If you looked for answers, the self help section of the book store, this was in the pre-internet days, was completely overwhelming. You stared at a wall of books on every topic imaginable. It would take a lifetime to read all of the books staring you in the face.   Today, it far worse. It would take you 100 lifetimes to read all the books on the internet designed to help you get better at something.   Second, I thought that every book on personal development I read, or system I bought, didn’t seem to have a full and complete system. So, finally I would decide on which book, but it would only lead me to many other books. Even if the book claimed to be one full system, however, and was not pointing to other books, it didn’t have all the answers. More importantly it was not one complete system to follow.   Based on these two feelings, I decided that I would take all of this information, and all of the amazing mentoring and teaching I had received, and I would create one success system to help people produce the results they wanted.   This system has helped me create a life that is the life I wanted in terms of the three core wants people have: money, time and fulfillment. We always want more, but if you would have asked me at twenty-one years old if I would sign up for my life today, I would have done it in a heartbeat. This system has served me well, and allowed me to build four successful companies, one an eight figure and growing revenue producer, while maintaining a work life balance where I’ve missed less than five games that my children have played in out of more than 1,500, other than when their games conflicted with each other. Work, while tremendously important to me, has been built in a way to support my time and fulfillment goals in an amazing and optimal way.   This same system has allowed me to help hundreds of other people produce more time, money and fulfillment for them.   Maybe most significantly, my Results Formula, as I call it has allowed me to do things with extraordinarily rapid speed. Some people even tell me they think I have special powers, whatever that means.   I do not have “special powers”. I simply follow advanced science for achieving results through one amazing complete system that allows me to know and understand if I am moving closer to ANT result I want, or further away. The system is complete and allows for determining where the challenge lies if a result isn’t produced.   Maybe most importantly, the system is based on non-linear exponential growth for all areas of our lives. This is why you will receive ever increasing exponential results in exchange for spending less time on trying to produce your results.   If you are not moving closer to your results, you will quickly be able to determine the reason. This applies whether the goal is to make more money, have more fun, win more games, have a higher batting average, find more customers, build a better relationship, be a world class public speaker, make a great cake, buy a beach house, travel to beautiful places multiple times a year, or whatever.   Yes, the system is REAL. The system Callagy Results Formula is also tremendously valuable.   AND, I am giving the three key ingredients away to you for free.   Why am I doing this?   First, I like helping people.   Second, I am building my brand by giving away massive value. What is my brand? I would hope it is someone is as good as anyone on the planet at helping people produce results that allows them to achieve their money time and fulfillment goals.   This system includes all of it, and isn’t a “Secret” that claims to allow you to just wish for things and make them appear, although I do believe in the Law of Attraction, but I also believe in leveraging our actions and processes to produce our results far faster than people would ever believe.   So, what is the Callagy Results Formula? Tune in to today’s Why Not Huddle to learn the answer…….   AND, please share this letter, AND the Why Not Huddles. Please!   I am also in the process of writing my first book: Why Not? The First Book of Personal Development. I would appreciate your help in checking in on me and holding me accountable. My goal is to literally create the first book everyone should read who wants more from their life, which is basically, everyone.   If you want to find the Why Not Huddle, “like” the Callagy Law Facebook page and you will receive the Huddle daily. BUT, it is even easier if you also subscribe, for free, on YouTube to the Why Not Huddle on the Sean Callagy YouTube channel.   See you on the Why Not Huddle!   Please post your comments or questions, or contact me at Have an “At Cause” day!   In Your Service,     Sean Callagy

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