New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #17

New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #17

Why Not Ditch Discipline for Something Far More Powerful? 

Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy | November 16, 2015 Dear Kindred Spirits:   Welcome to Monday!   I hope your weekend was amazing and that your week will be amazing squared! Remember, we are building on an underlying theme of exponential growth….   These letters I am writing each day are designed to work in conjunction with the Why Not Huddles and Why Not Talks. The free value we are giving away here is unparalleled. If you see content given away for free anywhere on the internet that is more valuable than what I am giving away each day and week, please bring it to my attention, NOW! Please!!   By the way, I also address this letter each day to “Kindred Spirits.” My goal is to outreach to you if we believe in the same things and are striving for the same things in life.   If you truly want more for your life in terms of money, time and fulfillment, and are fired up about the process of living a life of learning and growth, then this is the place for you.   If you want to live a life that is full of cynicism, non-constructive criticism and sarcasm, go watch TV or find that type of material everywhere. I wish you the best.   Today though, for all those Why Not folks out there, discipline, like we’ve discussed with regard to motivation, isn’t the way to produce more in our lives.   Your optimal ticket for learning and growth lies in having more of something else as opposed to “discipline”.   You see, and please hear this, anything that is painful is challenging to maintain. Discpline is hard. It presupposes that we are experiencing pain and carrying on anyway. That is certainly an admirable quality, but will it last? How sustainable is a race against your pain endurance threshold as you try to beat it to the finish line of your goal or goals?   I would rather change the odds of the game.   Thus, I would replace discipline with…… Well, tune in to today’s Why Not Huddle to find out a key guel to your goals that is far more sustainable than discipline.   Also, hear a personal example that I just watched come to life over this weekend!   By the way, if you have anyone with any legal needs whatsoever, or coaching for success needs, please reach out or have them reach out. You can contact me at or my office at 201-261-1700.   See you on the Why Not Huddle!   In your service, Sean Callagy

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