New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #16

New AND FREE to Share – Why Not with Sean Callagy #16

Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy:

Why Not Realize Defensiveness Destroys!  Dear Kindred Spirits, Welcome to our third “Why Not” Friday, and your 16th episode of the Why Not Huddle. How are you doing so far? We are here to support you. Send any questions or comments to if you need a private response or post your questions for a response. Yesterday, we were discussing a very common challenge for all of us: when it’s us, we don’t think we can “do” much more to change things to increase the quality of our results. When last we spoke, our friend from yesterday was believing she was doing “everything”. I have heard this more times than you can imagine over the past twenty years. One of the great destroyers of success is people’s defensiveness. Most often, their defensiveness is rooted in a feeling that somehow their success, whether it be financial, sales, business, career, or whatever, is directly connected to who they are and their value as a human being. We had a great comment from Paul C. yesterday describing the amazing compounding of a penny over one month. Check it out on Callagy Law Facebook. It is this concept that most people cannot grasp, in my experience, when it comes to them. When I speak with business people who have big goals, but are challenged to reach them, they want to hear new “tricks”. What people become defensive and resistant when we begin to discuss the very simple shifts available that can create enormous benefits. In the situation with my friend, a real life example, she felt very successful in negotiating a $15,000.00 per month billing contract. I thought she got completely taken advantage of and her fear got to her. She didn’t like hearing that. I am completely confident that a fair arrangement would have yielded one to two million dollars per year. She really didn’t like hearing that. Moreover, I shared that she didn’t have enough products to cover her clients’ full needs, and therefore, was losing sales. I also believed her marketing process to get to meetings was very weak, and therefore, tons of opportunities were being missed. Her response was that I thought I was smarter than her, and did I know how much she’s accomplished. My answer: I don’t care. Well, I do care, but not enough for me to lie to her and tell her something different than the truth. The truth is, a few tiny changes, and the company will go from a one million dollar to ten million dollar company in less than three years. She still didn’t like it.  Why? She was at affect. She was also lacking the at cause ability to be completely self-aware and open to the turning of a couple of small screws to explode her business forward. After a few tears and some back and forth (that’s where my skills come in), we agreed to turn those screws. Here’s the challenge though: we all do this. We all avoid the simple obstacles that will lead us to our results because we are often very emotionally committed to its meaning about us a smart, strong and competent person. What? It goes like this: could a twenty dollar book or a free video really increase my income by thousands or even millions of dollars over time. Absolutely!!!!!!!!!! BUY, not if defensiveness and the need to prove how unique and impossibly unique your problems are. Let’s be open, self-aware and AT CAUSE! Have an amazing Friday and weekend. Please share this, ask questions and post comments. We are over 11,000 Callagy Law Facebook Likes. Next stop: 50,000. Please help us get there. When we do, we are giving away a phenomenal gift worth over $1,000.00 to everyone. Why Not? In Your Service, Sean Callagy

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