Here’s to Perspective

Here’s to Perspective

Here’s to Perspective How are you? Our family suffered a big loss yesterday. Aunt Dolly passed away yesterday. Aunt Dolly was Nonnie’s sister. She was 90 years old. 90? “Wow, she lived a good, long life”, people often comment. Yes, she did. 90 also sounds really old. As you tell people, you get the feeling that they perceive less of a loss because someone is that old. Aunt Dolly, like Nonnie, wasn’t old though. To her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and great and great great nieces and nephews, Aunt Dolly was still a vibrant and valued matriarch of the family. She was still very much a part of our family’s living history and social fabric. My point: we are only old if we believe we are old. I have known people who are older at 25 than Aunt Dolly at 90 and Nonnie is at 87. Our family has a 92 year old Thanksgiving tradition that started with Nonnie and Aunt Dolly’s parents. That group, meaning Nonnie’s siblings and their children, has gathered for Thanksgiving for their entire lives. Typically 70 people or more attend every year. At Thanksgiving, talking to Nonnie and her sisters, including Aunt Dolly, was, and is not a chore of walking up to the “old people” to be polite. It is, and has always been, a time to cherish being with incredible people who love their family and have built a legacy of family, bonding and love. So, the next time you see a 90 year old person, take a second look. That is a person who may see them self as a five year old running and laughing with his or her brothers or sisters only, what feels like, a moment ago. When Nonnie wept for Aunt Dolly’s death, she didn’t cry for the loss of an old lady. She mourned for the loss of a life time of moments and memories over the 87 years of life they shared together, from being babies together, to childhood, to hanging out as teens, to marrying and raising their children, grand children and great grandchildren together. No matter how old, when a family loses a loved one, it is always a big loss. Aunt Dolly we love you and hope you are enjoying your first full day in heaven. Thanks for reminding us to love life and cherish every moment. In your service, Sean Callagy

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