Gladwell’s Intuition – Callagy Business Law NJ and Business Owners

Gladwell’s Intuition – Callagy Business Law NJ and Business Owners

Gladwell’s Intuition – Callagy Business Law NJ and Business Owners Malcolm Gladwell, in his work Blink, talks about the incredible importance of trusting our “intuition.” This, according to Gladwell, is not, however, a mystical force. Instead, it is a capability within all people. It can become incredibly highly tuned in a variety of ways for some people. The following is why my client is happy that I went with my “Blink” skills, as I will call it when we met Scott Rothstein. This is the first in a three part series. My name is Sean Callagy. I am a business attorney with offices in Paramus, New Jersey. I am the founder of Callagy Law. This is Blog 1 of the Callagy Law Blog for Business Owners, their General or In-House Counsel, their financial advisors, accountants or anyone interested or involved in business. I stepped off a private jet in Fort Lauderdale with my client and a former federal agent who ran a major city’s white collar crime unit.

Business Attorney in NJ Meets Florida Scam Artist

We were going to meet Scott Rothstein. Rothstein was the founder and managing partner of Rothstein, Rosenfeld & Adler, a 250 plus person rapidly growing South Florida law firm. Rothstein was all over the papers and media. He was a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was very much the man about the town. There was even one newspaper article that called him the “Jewish Avenger.” It was, frankly, bizarre. We had been told he blew out the birthday candles on Governor Christ’s birthday cake, had Arnold Schwarzenegger speak to his law firm and stood prominently in the front row behind John McCain during a campaign speech when Mr. McCain was running for President of the United States. Despite all of this, something did not seem right to me about the entire situation. The situation was this: Rothstein had clients that were plaintiffs in personal injury cases. They had received structured settlements. Now, they wanted to be paid in advance, at a discount, for their structured settlements. Mr. Rothstein was their go to facility for these “buy-outs” so his clients could receive their settlement money up-front. This was not at all an uncommon practice for plaintiffs in structured settlements. Many companies around the country are in the business of buying out structured settlements. At the same time, everyone seemed to be saying, “how could a guy be involved with all of these people, and have built such a large law firm and be doing something wrong?” Why? The second part of this series will discuss the power of emotion versus logic in making business decisions and how destructive that force can be, especially when societal trappings of power, wealth and prestige are involved. Please call me now, Sean Callagy at 201-261-1700 if you have any legal question or anything concerning business law in NJ or NY. Callagy Law, business attorneys in NJ is ready to help protect you and your business from stepping into litigation or help you through it as efficiently as possible if you have a dispute that cannot be amicably resolved.

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