FUN NIGHT TO COME Good afternoon! We have a fun night tonight. We are partnering with our friends at Morgan Stanley and Benderson LLP accounting firm, to have a dinner at the Rock Spring Club. We are going to talk about protecting your business. We are expecting a great turn out of business owners and look forward to a great night. We are even hoping to get Nonnie out there tonight. She’s up from LBI still. Tomorrow is fun and adventure Friday. We are going to talk about one of the coolest adrenaline pumping experiences ever. Next week we are going to begin our daily video posts, as well as continue our journey through the world of your success machine. We are also going to begin our separate legal blog next week. We will be tackling a ton of different issues, including some of the great mysteries and misconceptions of the law. By the way, if you areliking what you’re seeing or benefiting from our work here, please forward these blogs to all of your friends and family. Please also follow us on: I hope you had an awesome day! Have an even better night! In your service, Sean Callagy

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Sean Callagy is the Founder and President of the 100 Plus Team of Callagy Law, which is now in 4 states. He is one of only 2 attorneys in America to have Two Top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014-2016. Sean is the leader of a medical revenue recovery team that has recovered over 50 million dollars in 2017 and more than 300 million dollars for healthcare providers in unpaid…...

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