Fired Team, I’m furious. We launched our Callagy Law Face Book page on Friday. I was at IHOP Saturday morning with my 14 year old son. He thinks I know about as much about technology and social media as the average American knows about speaking Chinese. So, over some chocolate chip pancakes, we started talking about the launch of our new website for the firm, our Face Book page and our other adventures in the jungle of social media and the online world. I explained to him that we are building a community to connect with people who want more good and great things in their life and we are going to give them incredible resources to get there. It is for people who want more freedom, fun, adventure, laughing, learning, growth, time and money in their lives. I further explained that I thought there was a lot of room left in the world for more excitement and adrenaline coming from positive things that make people feel great, happy and proud. Basically, I think negativity, disguised as reality has become the biggest seller in the world. Plenty of drama and excitement exists in good and great things to draw people’s energy and attention. A place for people to learn to seek truth about things is also important. Most of the media exists in a world of negative slanted spin. There needs to be a place that helps people see through it and maybe even changes a little bit of how some things work in this world. I guess I made the mistake of telling him the site is going to be “fun and cool”. I could see both the smirk of humor and feeling of pity come across his eyes. I further explained that we are having a contest at the firm to see how many people we have on the page by year end. He seemed a little intrigued by that. We have a little saying, “People lie, numbers don’t.” In between his next mouthful of chips, I, as a proud and excited dad launching a dream I’ve had for years, asked my son, “So, how many people do you think we will have on Face Book by year end?” Before I tell you what he said, let me also share that earlier in our chat, he told me that a girl in his class had 13,000 plus followers on Instagram and a boy on his baseball team had over 1000. His prediction for me and our nearly 100 person law firm? 500. Yes, 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a lawyer. It takes a lot to insult me. 500 was one heck of a slap in the face though! So, as if I didn’t have enough motivation and desire to have this work, now I’m up extra early at 5 a.m. fired up to help the world and prove to my son that our 100 teammates at Callagy Law are at least as relevant and cool as his 13 year old class mate. So, please help me prove that!!!!! Please tell everyone you know who is over 18 to “LIKE” our Face Book page to prove to these kids that adults can still be social, cool and relevant! By the way, two full days have yet to pass since we announced the contest at Callagy Law, and we are about to beat his 3 month prediction in two plus days! Thank you team!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. The question we are here to answer is why creating a relationship with Callagy, by the way, I’m Sean Callagy, will be your most valuable relationship, besides your family, online. Simply put: people will get massive amounts of what they want and need in their lives through our relationship. And, it will cost you nothing and you have to commit to nothing. Why would I do that? Because we want to build a community where we help people. I’ve been blessed to learn a lot from great teachers, mentors and coaches, and I love to share it to change people’s beliefs about how they can achieve their goals. Oh, AND, because we know it’s good for business to give massive value to people and build relationships. See Mark Zuckerberg and Face Book along with everyone from Google to Wikipedia to Gary Vaynerchuk. People want three things in their lives: 1. More money 2. More time 3. More fulfillment Everything boils down to those three areas. Think about it. Let’s go in reverse order. Fulfillment? Yes, fulfillment. This covers the gamut. Want to meet the love of your life? Want to someday or maybe even this year, go on an African Safari to the Congo or see the Great Migration? Yes, fulfillment. Want to bench 300 pounds? Lose weight? Have more quality time with your kids andor significant other? Yes, all fulfillment. Everyone has wants and desires in these areas. People want to grow. It is how we are wired as human beings. We have an appetite, for many an insatiable appetite, for more. No managing that appetite is also part of fulfillment as well. What about more money? Well, virtually everyone would like more money if they believed it was easy to arrange. I don’t know too many people who would refuse a winning lottery ticket. The challenge with more money is people run into three general problems: 1. They do not believe they can make more money; 2. They believe they can make money too easily and jump from ideas and actions to new ideas and new actions all the time; or 3. They think making more money requires something bad from them. Regardless of these three challenges, people still get very excited when they here they can make more money. Doesn’t it tweak your curiosity a bit when I tell you that you will learn here how to double or triple your income through our relationship? Of course it does. At the same time, very quickly, your protective defenses go up and you say, he’s probably full of it and it won’t happen. Then, the other part of you says, what if this guy really does have some answers? In nano seconds, a bit of a bit struggle occurs because at the core, if it is legal and consistent with your moral compass, you want more money! If you stay with us, you will have more money and more fulfillment. You will also create more time. Well, sort of. There are, obviously, only 24 hours in a day. BUT, how you use those hours will determine everything about your life. How you use those hours will also make it feel like there is more or less time. How will we do this? By creating a brand built on… 1. Truth 2. Helping people better their lives as they see fit 3. Inspiring and motivating people 4. Entertaining people and being a place for them to have fun. We will get more specific in our first 10 blogs over the next week. I’m up right now at 5 a.m. writing this to you. I am genuinely thrilled to be up writing and sharing with you. Why? I’m living what I believe my life’s purpose to be as I launch on this journey of connecting with you and others like you. I want to help people through sharing what I have learned that has and continues to benefit my life. Don’t buy it? In my next blog I will explain who two of the most amazing people you never heard of are and how to find the greatest motivators inside of you! Thank you! Make today amazing! Sean Callagy

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