Codes Not On ASC Fee Schedule Possibly Reimbursable| Callagy Law

Codes Not On ASC Fee Schedule Possibly Reimbursable| Callagy Law

Are CPT Codes not listed on the ASC Fee Schedule compensable in New Jersey PIP arbitration matters?

The purpose of this post is to help assist those with questions they have concerning their business or medical practice. The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will frequently post topics ranging from Medical Revenue Recovery, PIP, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Insurance. We hope to have this blog shed a light on many common questions.
  This issue of whether certain codes not listed on the ASC fee schedule are reimbursable to the ASC is currently a hotly contested one.  The ASC fee schedule is located at N.J.A.C. 11:3-29.1(b), Appendix Exhibit 1, and is colloquially referred to as the ASC fee schedule.  However, not all procedures performed at an ASC are listed on the ASC fee schedule.  This often results in insurance carriers denying payment for such fees to these facilities.   To support their denials, the carriers refer to N.J.A.C. 11:3-29.5(a).  On its face, that subsection clearly states that “codes that do not have an amount in the ASC facility fee column are not reimbursable when performed in an ASC.”  Seemingly, it was DOBI’s intent to place certain codes on the ASC fee schedule that DOBI had affirmatively considered, and to also include those codes which DOBI had considered should not be performed at an ASC, but to leave those codes with no amount of reimbursement.  However, for codes that do not appear on the ASC fee schedule, DOBI has not made such a consideration. Simply, DOBI has not considered such codes, and therefore, DOBI has not determined that such should not be performed at an ASC.   This firm takes the position that the ASCs should be entitled to UCR when hosting a procedure that is not listed at all on the ASC fee schedule.  In accordance with N.J.A.C. 11:3-29.4(e) “the insurer’s limit of liability for any medical expense for any service or equipment not set forth in or not covered by the fee schedule shall be a reasonable amount considering the fee schedule amount for similar services or equipment in the region where the service or equipment was provided. … Only when there is no similar service in the fee schedule does the regulation state that “the insurer’s limit of liability for any medical expense benefit for any service or equipment not set forth in the fee schedule shall not exceed the usual, customary and reasonable fee.”  Therefore, an ASC should be reimbursed at the usual, customary and reasonable (“UCR”) fee for codes that do not appear on the ASC fee schedule.   Several awards from arbitrators support our position, including the most recent award from DRP Nanci Stokes.  In the matter of Gloucester Surgery Center a/s/o C.S. v. Plymouth Rock Assurance of New Jersey, NJ-1628906, DRP Stokes agreed with the ASC claimant’s position, whereby she found the following:   In this matter, I find that the claimant is entitled to reimbursement for CPT 24665… the overwhelming scheme of reimbursement as to an ASC is based upon Medicare’s determination and judgment relative to patient safety. This is specifically acknowledged by the Appellate Division in upholding the regulation at issue… The regulation specifically advises that CPT codes appearing on the Physician and ASC Fee Schedule …that do not have an amount in the ASC facility fee column are not reimbursable. The code at issue is not listed on the fee schedule. As such, there is no clear prohibition for reimbursement in the actual wording of the regulation regardless of the Department’s response relied upon by respondent.  Accordingly, given Medicare’s allowance of CPT 24665 in an ASC and acknowledgment by the Department that Medicare’s determination adequately “ensures the safety of patients and the quality of services”, I find reimbursement is permitted. As the code is not contained on the fee schedule, reimbursement is subject to a usual customary and reasonable analysis.   This firm completely agrees with DRP Stokes’ analysis, as well as similar rulings from some of her DRP brethren which also found that codes which are not listed on the ASC fees schedule are still reimbursable to ASCs.    This is still an evolving issue, but so far, the majority of DRPs have agreed with the Claimant’s position.  As such, this firm is thrilled to be able to recover additional money for our ASC clients.
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