Callagy Law Advice: Ways a Herniated Disc Can Change Your Life

Callagy Law Advice: Ways a Herniated Disc Can Change Your Life

  Disc herniations can significantly impact a person’s life in several ways. In order to understand the effects, it is first necessary to understand what a herniated disc is.   The bones that form the spine in the back, vertebrae, are cushioned by small discs.  Injury or degeneration can cause disc material to be pushed out, a condition known as herniation. Problems arise when these displaced discs put pressure on nerves.   Irritated nerves can result in the following:  
  • Numerous symptoms, including pain, numbness, weakness and tingling, which can range from mild to severe;
  • Restrictions with respect to functional activities, activities of daily living, work and play due to the above noted symptoms;
  • Inability to maintain employment, care for oneself or family, and/or maintain personal relationships, due to above noted symptoms and restrictions;
  • The need for treatment which can be costly and/or time consuming, including medication, chiropractic and physical therapies, acupuncture, interventional pain management, and surgical intervention.
Clearly a disc herniation can be a life altering injury.  Fortunately, the medical community has made advances in recent years in terms of developing less invasive surgical approaches to alleviating symptoms resulting from disc herniation. Hopefully those affected by this condition can find relief.

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