Broken Thinking

Broken Thinking

Good day to you!!!!!!!!   Did you hear the news?   A bunch of really bad and sad stuff happened in every town, in every city, in every state in the United States of America today! Oh, same goes for every other country in the world!!!!!!!   Oh, it also snowed in Northern New Jersey yesterday.   What a nightmare!!!!!!!   Yet, there are still many sad, lost and foolish souls who woke up happy and excited about their lives today.   What is broken thinking?   Broken Thinking is one of my favorite new terms. I am claiming it as my own term of art, even if someone else used it somewhere!   It means: thinking that doesn’t serve our highest and best “self”.   More specifically, Broken Thinking is a pattern of thinking that keeps us from achieving our dreams, living a life of success and fulfillment, and being truly happy and joyful.   I believe the world has an epidemic of Broken Thinking.   How do I know?   Well, I go to stores, kids’ games, work, court, restaurants and, well, I speak to other human beings, and I hear them speak to one another.   No one is perfect, but the difference between a person with “Healthy Thinking” and Broken Thinking is that when a person with Broken Thinking does something wrong, they blame others.   This is an introduction to the concept of Broken Thinking, so here is a basic Broken Thinking quiz for you.   Oh, why should you care?   Well, I am very confident that people with Broken Thinking will have less money, more pain, less happiness, fewer friends, less social status and a lack of fulfillment as compared to people with Healthy Thinking.   So, here are 5 quick questions to see if you may have “Broken Thinking”.  
  1. Do you believe that you are NOT at fully responsible for every single persistent negative thought or feeling in your life?
  1. When speaking with others, do you gravitate towards subjects such as sad or upsetting news or stories, commenting on the mistakes or short comings of others (including famous people or groups of people), your own unhappiness, and\or your or other people’s problems or misfortune?
  1. When people tell you about their or someone else’s success or happiness are you something other than genuinely happy and inspired that another human being is an example of possibility for the rest of us (this would include feeling jealous, envious, thinking of why they don’t really deserve it, feeling something negative about yourself because of the news or believing it isn’t real or won’t last for them)?
  1. Do you give yourself more permission, rationalizations and\or excuses for your actions, “inactions”, results and\or lack of results than you give others )including friends, family, strangers or people that you don’t like? Said differently, is there an “empathy differential” you give yourself over others?
  1. Do you believe that life is hard?
  Well, how did you do?   Oh, bonus question: when taking this test, did you think someone else needs this test more than you?   If you answered “yes” to ANY SINGLE ONE of these questions, then your thinking is at least partially broken!!!!!   And, you hate hearing that statement OR you say, “yep, you’re right, I stink”.   NO YOU DON’T. You are amazing. You just have Broken Thinking.   Wait, you say, almost everyone acts that way.   Yes, they do.   I didn’t say you weren’t “normal” or “common”, but you still have Broken Thinking.   The good news is that there is help, AND the help is SIMPLE, EASY and ASSURED to lead to dramatically higher levels of happiness, success, and fulfillment.   For now, take the Broken Thinking Challenge.   If you found this interesting, send it to everyone you know.   If you won’t even take the challenge, then you have severely Broken Thinking.   Please let me know your thoughts, and how many people you actually know that DO NOT have Broken Thinking versus how many who do.   Have an amazing day!   In your service,     Sean Callagy   PS: For those of you that will freak out over question 1 and say you were the victim of a trauma, bad luck, health condition or some other event outside of your control, here is what I mean. I was born with a hereditary eye disease that causes blindness. It cost me getting drafted to play professional baseball, and I am basically no longer able to drive a car other than for extremely short distances. Watching television is stressful and very difficult. I didn’t do anything to cause this potentially incredibly upsetting and defeating challenge I face. BUT, I can control its impact on me. I can control whether I see it as sad, painful, maddening, devastating, crushing, etc… Instead, I see it as a blessing. I see it as something that I’ve been given to help me be an example to others, focused on consuming audio books and other personal development material, an incredible listener, urgent towards achieving my goals, present in magic moments, potentially a skier in the Paralympics, and are pathetic towards people with BROKEN THINKING. Have a great day!  

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