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Author: Michael Bittoni

New York PIP 101: I received a denial or underpayment. What can I do?

Callagy Law: New York PIP Attorneys First and foremost: CALL US!!! A very high number of NY PIP claims are denied or underpaid, but MOST of these claims can be recovered. If you have not worked with an attorney before, we can audit your files going back SIX YEARS to identify claims that are recoverable! […]Read More

Posted on 09-25-2018

Medical Revenue Recovery

How long until I get paid in a PIP case in New York?

Callagy Law: New York PIP Attorneys We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of treating an injured patient, then receiving a denial based on a peer review or an IME cutoff. And we’ve all received underpayments that incorrectly interpret the fee schedule. While this is frustrating, the good news is that you can recover the majority […]Read More

Posted on 09-21-2018

Medical Revenue Recovery